A world of convenience


Parking Area

All our parks are planned to give enough space to park your vehicle.

Electricity Connection

Electricity is supplied at all the parks for your convenience.

Water Line

Water lines bring water all the way to the park, with taps and showers.

Chemical Toilet Dump Point

The dump point is away from the park and is easily accessible.

Fire Pit

Fire pits with safety precautions are available for your entertainment.

Summer Hut

Summer huts are available to relax and enjoy the view.

Separate Washrooms

Individual washrooms available for ladies and gents.

Grey Water Pit

Systematic draining facilities for used water.


Hammocks are placed in the parks for you to unwind.


Canopies are available to shade from the sun and rain.

Swimming (river)

River bathing spots for the adventurous.

Swimming (tank)

Ancient swimming tanks where you could bath with safety.

Swimming (pool)

Swimming pools available for kids and adults to relax.

Swimming (natural pool)

Safe natural pools for you to have baths in.

Sea Bath

Catch a wave, or just enjoy the sea spray at the beach.

Pet Friendly

Bring your domestic pets for a day out.

Lake Hut

A beautiful hut surrounded by water to ultimate relaxation.

Bird Watching

Catch Sri Lanka’s infamous birds varieties around the campsite.

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