Presenting an impeccable offering tailored for groups of four seeking memorable travel experiences across both short and long distances, accompanied by the convenience of having a caravan eagerly awaiting you at your desired destination. Our exclusive package extends its excellence with towing amenities, ensuring effortless positioning and repositioning of the caravan. Unleash the full potential of your journey as you embark on seamless adventures, knowing that your dream destination awaits your arrival.


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Number of Persons: Above 4 Berth

With a legacy spanning over five decades, Hobby stands proudly as a trailblazer in the realm of modern caravan manufacturing, revolutionizing the industry. Hobby caravans redefine the concept of mobile travel, elevating it to new heights of convenience, comfort, and relaxation. Renowned for their exceptional standard equipment and expansive design, Hobby products have earned widespread acclaim. Immerse yourself in the world of Hobby, where every detail is crafted to perfection, and experience the epitome of travel excellence, seamlessly merging luxury and spaciousness in every journey.

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